My Reading Schedule

  • Sunday: Read new chapters.
  • Monday: Choose verse & study
  • Tuesday: Find craft and use study guide.
  • Wednesday: Find song and read references.
  • Thursday: Find a game. Study chapter & read references.
  • Friday: Find props & study story.
  • Saturday: Re-read chapter.

Pant's Reading Schedule

  • Monday: Read cartoon book
  • Tuesday: Read verse & watch movie version
  • Wednesday: Craft and retell story
  • Thursday: Sing song and read verse
  • Friday: Play finding game & tell story in own words
  • Saturday: Role play & read verse
  • Sunday: Read cartoon and verse

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FHE: Noah's Ark

Scripture: D&C 21:4-5
Coloring Pages: Noah's Ark (3: includes ark on water, dove, and rainbow)

Object Lesson:
Things Needed- ketchup, dirty coins, bowls
1. Place dirty coins in bowl along with a little bit of ketchup.
2. Rub ketchup onto pennies thoroughly. This will make them shiny and like new.
3. Explain that God asked Noah to do something that most people thought was weird, unusual, strange, just like us. But Noah obeyed God and his family was protected. We might not always understand why Heavenly Father is asking us to do something, but we will be blessed as we obey.

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