My Reading Schedule

  • Sunday: Read new chapters.
  • Monday: Choose verse & study
  • Tuesday: Find craft and use study guide.
  • Wednesday: Find song and read references.
  • Thursday: Find a game. Study chapter & read references.
  • Friday: Find props & study story.
  • Saturday: Re-read chapter.

Pant's Reading Schedule

  • Monday: Read cartoon book
  • Tuesday: Read verse & watch movie version
  • Wednesday: Craft and retell story
  • Thursday: Sing song and read verse
  • Friday: Play finding game & tell story in own words
  • Saturday: Role play & read verse
  • Sunday: Read cartoon and verse

Monday, November 9, 2009

FHE: Being Thankful

Song: Count Your Blessings (Hymn)
Scripture: Alma 37: 37
Article of Faith: #3

Review scripture stories of people who gave thanks to Heavenly Father.
• 1 Ne. 2:1–7 / Lehi takes his family into the wilderness, then builds an altar and offers thanks.
• 1 Ne. 16:21–32 / Nephi relies on the Liahona to direct him to find food, then returns and gives thanks.

Watch Music Video on "Life Is O'erflowing with Beautiful Things"

1. Make a large turkey body and a TON of feather of various bright colors.
2. Hang up the turkey body on the wall where it can be seen regularly.
3. Have each person think of 2 things they are thankful for. Then write them on the feathers and attach them to the turkey.
4. Throughout the next couple of weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, add more thankful feathers to decorate your family turkey.
5. On Thanksgiving, read through all the things you are thankful for together.

Song: I Am Glad for Many Things (Children's Songbook p.151)
Treat: Turkey Cookies

Sneak Peek at next week's lesson: Thankful rings and singing

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