My Reading Schedule

  • Sunday: Read new chapters.
  • Monday: Choose verse & study
  • Tuesday: Find craft and use study guide.
  • Wednesday: Find song and read references.
  • Thursday: Find a game. Study chapter & read references.
  • Friday: Find props & study story.
  • Saturday: Re-read chapter.

Pant's Reading Schedule

  • Monday: Read cartoon book
  • Tuesday: Read verse & watch movie version
  • Wednesday: Craft and retell story
  • Thursday: Sing song and read verse
  • Friday: Play finding game & tell story in own words
  • Saturday: Role play & read verse
  • Sunday: Read cartoon and verse

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FHE: Staying Healthy

Song: Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise (p.280)
Scripture: D&C 89:18-20

Lesson: Talk about ways we can take care of our bodies.  Color and role play ideas found in the nursery manual lesson I will Take Care of my Body
Activity: Give bikes a tune-up then go for a bike ride.

Song: Word of Wisdom (p.154)
Treat: Healthy food like veggie/fruit tray

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